How to Use Metal Prints Outdoors

How to Use Metal Prints Outdoors

When you think of wall art and prints, it’s often limited to an indoor setting. Gallery walls and family mementos are a phenomenal way to decorate the interior of your home, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t show some love to the great outdoors! Thanks to their durability, metal prints are the perfect option for outdoor decor: our hand-cut aluminum is waterproof, flame retardant, and corrosion-resistant. Keep reading for our favorite ideas to make your outdoor space feel even more like home!

Welcome Sign

Immediately set the tone for your home by installing a metal print of a welcome sign outside your front door. You’ve got complete creative control and can make it as simple and elegant or funny and bold as you’d like. A modern take on the welcome mat, this print will make your guests feel invited into your lovely home and happily greet you after a long day of work!

Outdoor Gallery Wall

Run out of room on your walls inside? Continue to grow your gallery on the exterior of your home! Simply select images that tie into the overall aesthetic of your backyard. For an extra element of intrigue, consider hanging metal prints on shrubbery or in the branches of trees on your property. 

Garden of Prints

If you’re a city dweller with limited outdoor space to call your own, consider bringing the garden to your balcony or window sill! Simply take or find pictures of your favorite flowers and plants and print a variety of them in small sizes. Then, assemble your garden to your specifications! It’s not quite the same as fresh greenery, but the vividness of our high-quality metal prints makes your images come to life in a way that’s just as beautiful! (This trick gets bonus points for not needing to water any plants.)

Outdoor Living Room

If you’re lucky enough to have ample outdoor space on your property, turn a corner of it into your home-outside-of-home and make it cozy with comfy chairs or sofas (and maybe even a fire pit!). To tie it all together, create metal prints that fit into your color scheme and hang them on the fencing or shrubbery around the space. Put the finishing touches on this area of your yard with cozy blankets and ingredients for s’mores!

Seasonal Decor

Use metal prints to create unique holiday decor! Whether it’s fun signage telling neighbors to “Deck the Halls” during Christmastime or spooky portraits of monsters and ghouls for Halloween, instantly become the most creative house on the block with your custom decor. Celebrate the season with metal prints that you can easily rotate out as the year goes on. 

How are you going to style your metal prints outdoors? Get started today with Aluminyze.