Printing Process

It all starts with a sheet of our recycled aluminum, hand-cut to your specifications. Our premium dye sublimation process transfers your image from paper to metal, allowing the dye particles to bond with its surface and create a durable and vivid finish. This results in an archival-quality print that can’t be mimicked on paper.

  • Image & Color Accuracy

    We check the quality and color accuracy prior to printing to ensure flawlessness.

  • Custom Cut Aluminum

    Each piece of metal is carefully hand-cut to your desired size and shape.

  • Printing

    We print your image(s) onto a special paper that adheres to the metal.

  • Dye Sublimation

    Dye is infused into the aluminum surface and the particles are completely enclosed within the coating.

Selection Guide

A deeper dive into the details to create your perfect piece


  • Glossy White

    This bright surface increases color saturation and highlights the contrast in every photo. The shiny reflective surface adds a pop of depth and color to any photo. It’s a great choice if you want the colors in your photo to stay true to the original image file.

  • Matte White

    This surface offers a flatter tone with slightly less color saturation compared to Glossy White. You can still bring out the best in any photo where you want a glare-free look. It’s a great choice if you want the colors in your photo to stay true to the original image file.

  • Glossy Silver

    Our silver gloss produces uniquely luminous prints by highlighting the natural silver tint of the aluminum. Perfect for vibrant photos or black and white images, this glossy finish turns the white points silver, giving off a stylish metallic brilliance.

  • Matte Silver

    Our raw silver matte aluminum surface adds a fascinating semi-transparent look to all colors. Whites become metallic silver, while all other colors and details carry a unique and subtle shine. Although this surface has a metallic vibrance when hit by light, you still get a flatter look with minimal glare and less depth.


  • Table Top

    Display your print on a nightstand, desk, or table with our easel mounts.

  • Fridge Magnet

    Personalize your refrigerator, or any magnetic surface with your favorite metal print.

  • Float Mount

    Our secure wall mounts are attached to the back of the print and give your print a floating look.

  • Edge Mount

    A more dramatic choice and durable feel with the frame flush to the edge of the print.


  • Hook

    Includes a custom wall hook with liquid level, giving you everything you need to hang on a wall.

  • Hook + Wire

    Includes added hardware that you put together. This allows you the option of hanging your print with a wire.

  • Cleat

    Includes single cleat hardware for standard print hanging.

  • Pre-Installed

    Includes everything you need to hang your print right out of the box.

Benefits of Metal

Our luxe prints are designed to withstand the test of time, and look good while doing it. They’re scratch proof and UV resistant, so you can rest easy knowing your work will retain its value and always look flawless.

Customize Your Work

Commitment to Quality & Perfection

We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality product every time. If something’s not perfect, we happily offer a 14-day guarantee to make things right.