Elevate Your Space with Metal Prints

Elevate Your Space with Metal Prints

Photography and art can be great ways to add interest and personality to your interior design. Whether you're a photographer or an amateur art collector, incorporating your favorite photos and artwork into your home can make your space feel more unique. Choose to print these images on high-quality metals like aluminum to add a luxurious feel to any room and guarantee that your decor will be preserved forever!

Choose pieces that reflect your personal style. 

When selecting imagery for your space, choose pieces that speak to your own personality and interests. This will help make your space feel more comfortable and unique. Maybe your prints are photos you’ve taken on your travels, or you have artistic friends whose creations you want to display. Whether it’s a personal or aesthetic choice, make sure you only decorate with prints that resonate with you– after all, you’ll be looking at them every day!

Mix and match different styles and mediums.

Don't be afraid to play with different styles and mediums in your design. This can help create a more interesting and dynamic space. For example, you might combine a modern abstract painting with a vintage black-and-white photo. If you already have a gallery wall, consider introducing a new texture by adding some glossy metal prints. This simple trick is sure to add depth and intrigue to any room!

Get creative with placement

Art doesn’t have to stay on the wall. Put together a list of your favorite recipes and display them as prints on your kitchen counter. Design an at-a-glance calendar and leave it on your desk in your office space. If you have children, create unique name placards to hang on each of their bedroom doors. There are endless possibilities when it comes to displaying art in your home!

Use frames to add cohesion.

Using frames can help add cohesion to your design and make your art look more polished and cohesive. Choose frames that complement the style and colors of your space, or consider using matching frames for a cohesive look. You may even choose to thrift vintage frames and mix and match them to create an eclectic vibe.

Incorporate your photos and art into your color scheme. 

Your artwork can also be used to help define and enhance your color scheme. For example, if you have a piece with a dominant color, you can use that color as an accent throughout the room. Perhaps you have one print that you want to base the rest of your selections on to create a monochromatic gallery wall. 

Incorporating artwork into your interior design can be a great way to add interest and personality to your space, and metal prints are one surefire way to add an interesting element of texture and luxury. With a bit of planning and imagination, you can create a space that is uniquely you in no time!

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